1. Are they not the cutest

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    hmm. interesting interpretation, but no. when i say i lost at the horse races i mean the horses ran faster than me, not that i gambled fruitlessly


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    I only care about speaking of masculinity as it exists as a political phenomena, and its in this sense that I say that you can and should reject it.

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    Man’s worst enemy

    The Silent Battle

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    Keith Haring, Silence = Death, 1989, New York University Library collection.

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    1. girl with zine: I love grimes
    2. girl with 2 zines: don't you think she's a little played out?

  8. At least 50 percent of all of Gaza’s water and sanitation infrastructure is no longer functioning.


    UNICEF officer Pernille Ironside says there are "no safe places" for children in Gaza.

    Learn more.

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    even when i wear “man murdering winged eyeliner” and “the blood of men lipstick” the fact is the makeup industry is

    • owned by men
    • run by men
    • marketed towards women to attract men

    and men arent fucking intimidated by your makeup

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    kill the imposter

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  12. my baby is not a hard worker but ever since i dressed it in a denim onesie it gives off the appearance of a hard day of manual labor. now no one can make fun of this child

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