1. I work so hard thinking of you


  2. radtracks:

    white flag // dido

    but i will go down with this ship
    and i won’t put my hands up and surrender
    there will be no white flag above my door
    i’m in love and always will be


  3. Gettin sweaty to Dido


  4. scottlivesay:

    Cincinnati Livesay’s Song-O-The-Day (6.4.12)

    Spandeau Ballet- True

    I just like this song.

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  7. pigyouth:

    Darby Dog


  8. misterbonesofficial:


    what is better than falling asleep next to someone you love? what’s better than listening to them breathing???

    Guys being dudes

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  10. Souvlaki Space Station | Slowdive

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  11. nevver:

    The radical nude, Egon Schiele

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